Suthada Chaitip

Suthada Chaitip:Thai expertise meeting your needs

Certified expert and accomplished therapist, Suthada Chaitip reveals a particular talent for holistic therapies where no element of the well-being process is left to chance. After Thailand and Nepal, where she perfected her mastery of Chi Nei Tsang and Tibetan Singing Bowls Therapy, Suthada Chaitip decided to permanently share her expertise at the Royal Mansour Marrakech. Suthada naturally transports everyone into her universe through the power of sound, vibrations, touch, and reflexology… brilliantly untangling unsuspected tensions, unveiling hidden ailments too often ignored.

Holistic, rebalancing therapies

Regain a sense of inner balance and deep well-being, freed from the effects of stress, insomnia, and muscular pain, such are the promises of the Watsu, Chi Nei Tsang and Tibetan Singing Bowls therapy provided by Suthada Chaitip at the Spa Royal Mansour.

Chi Nei Tsang

This practice’s goal is to release negative energy clustered in the abdomen by working on the internal organs on both a physical and spiritual level, to eliminate toxins, negative emotions, and excessive heat.

Tibetan Singing Bowls Therapy

This sound therapy uses vibrations to tune the organism on the right frequencies. Thanks to the very particular Tibetan bowls’ sound, the body and the mind find themselves in a meditative state, freeing negative tension and finding a new balance.


This treatment is carried in the pool’s hot basin. Its techniques combine the benefits of the water and of Shiatsu to reach the ultimate relaxation, allowing the guest to release physical and psychological tension.

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