Signature workshops: unique experiences in Marrakech

With its range of Signature Workshops, the Royal Mansour Marrakech refines its list of exclusive experiences. Whether you are seeking new sensations or are simply curious by nature, you will discover the Ochre City from the perspective of sharing, exchanging and authenticity. There is no greater opportunity to dive into the backstage of the palace’s excellence, enriching oneself with new skills and learnings.

Activities in Marrakech like no other

Unravel the secrets of great chefs, explore a new artistic activity or learn the art of cocktails? Our Signature workshops are designed around a variety of original themes to suit your every whim. Guests or visitors alike, choose your own thrilling experience. A different everyday life opens up to you.

Workshops at the Royal Mansour Marrakech: more magic for your initiation

At Marrakech’s most iconic hotel, we love to offer you a selection of unique experiences led by passionate individuals. Pastry chefs, artists, mixologists, and highly cooks that know better than anyone how to share and teach their knowledge. You’ll find precision and excellence in every detail of your experience. Our Signature workshops stand out for their warmth and friendliness as well as quality of the knowledge shared.

Other experiences to discover