SURAJ VARMA Ayurvedic therapist

An expert in ayurvedic aromatherapy, Suraj Varma is one of the most distinguished guests of the Spa Royal Mansour. His world-renown treatments owe their reputation to a unique combination of techniques pulled from traditional Indian Medicine, aromatherapy, and reflexology. The result is a memorable moment combining feelings of well-being and the action of letting go. With highly targeted movements of the ayurveda practitioner, your body and mind are rejuvenated with energy.

From May 1, 2024
To May 21, 2024

Ayurvedic treatments for all needs

This 90-minute holistic treatment comprising a body scrub, an ayurvedic massage and a facial is sure to give you an immediate energy boost.

90 min

3400 Mad

75 minutes of absolute relaxation to relieve pain caused by bad posture in the workplace.

75 min

3100 Mad

This treatment focuses on the 107 vital points of the human body to deeply cleanse and detoxify the body.


3900 Mad

A two-hour signature treatment designed to rebalance the Doshas through the power of essential oils and hot stones.


3900 Mad

Inspired by traditional holistic medicines, this voluptuous combo releases obstructed energies in just 50 minutes.

50 min

2700 Mad

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