The riads, where luxury meets the Moroccan art de vivre

At the Royal Mansour Marrakech, rooms and suites are replaced by a collection of 53 luxury riads, spread across a medina filled with charming alleys and secret doors. Each riad of the collection is unique, with three floors decorated in its own style. All you have to do is select one and you’re on for one of the most beautiful experiences of your life.

Royal Mansour
Royal Mansour

A stay in a Royal Mansour riad in Marrakech

Stand in amazement as the door of your riad opens onto the patio and reveals the quintessence of Moroccan craftsmanship.Subtly varying zelliges, fabrics, wood features, rugs, carved plaster and custom-made furniture give the riads their harmonious and elegant vibe. The roof terrace with views of the Atlas Mountains, a private pool and complete immersion in the Moroccan lifestyle… Marrakech has never been so imperial.

1800 SQM | 4-BEDROOM RIAD Grand riad: the ultimate experience of luxury in Marrakech

The 1800 sqm Grand Riad is unique. Decorated royally, the spectacularly sized spaces are adorned with haute couture fabrics and fine artworks. A favourite location of celebrities from across the world, this exclusive 4-bedroom residence with its private pool and hammam is in itself a veritable daydream.

Treat yourself to a vibrant voyage through the Moroccan art de vivre

From the moment you arrive at the riad, everything is meticulously set up to make the magic happen. Housekeepers, maids, butlers and florists ensure that they carry out every gesture with the warmth required to create fond memories for you in a place where the words ‘generosity’ and ‘hospitality’ prove their absolute meaning.

To a stay in an extraordinary riad, the Royal Mansour brings the art of hospitality

Guests of the Royal Mansour Marrakech riads quickly understand that the details seen in every decoration are the produce of doting attention, little touches and bursts of soul, making every difference. The quirky underground galleries of the Royal Mansour add to the palace’s novelty. Connecting all areas, including the 53 riads, they allow the staff to work discreetly to ensure the guests’ comfort and intimacy. Our Maison tells a story of perfection, glamour and sophistication, with a single goal in mind to treat guests with the utmost attention they deserve.

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