Ana Mattos

Ana Mattos:naturopath, osteopath, biomechanical therapist

Ana Mattos

Internationally recognised for her cross-disciplinary skills in naturopathy and osteopathy, Ana Mattos focuses on natural holistic care to promote vitality and strengthen your health. From the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, this London-based specialist in the biomechanics of movement aims to strengthen the immune system. The result is a deeply liberating moment allowing your vital force to resurface. Take advantage of Ana Mattos’ exclusive visits to the Spa Royal Mansour Marrakech and indulge in a magical moment.

Naturopathy: anthology care

Mixing physical activity and self-care, each session ranging from 60 to 90 minutes readjusts the balance points of the human body through the gentle practice if manual therapy to address back pain, sleeping disorders, or to reignite one’s self confidence.

Some of the treatments offered by Ana Mattos at the Spa Royal Mansour include:

Physiotherapy dry needling

Derived from traditional Chinese Medicine, this treatment aims to relieve muscle and joint pain through acupuncture.

Sports massage

60 minutes of deep tissue massage treatment to prevent exercise-related injuries and to promote performance and self-healing abilities.

Massage for pregnant women or postpartum massages

Exercises, massages, and stress management sessions designed by Ana Mattos to improve mobility, reduce discomfort and promote long-term fitness.

Paediatric Osteopathy

To prevent bad posture and musculoskeletal disorders, babies aged 0-18 months also benefit from a treatment session by Ana Mattos.

Ana Mattos

Practical information

The Spa Royal Mansour welcomes Ana Mattos from June 2 to 19, 2022.
Treatments are reserved for guests and non-staying guests.
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