Spa Royal Mansour:our wellness consultants

For a more refined holisticand personalised approach to your wellbeing needs, the Spa Royal Mansour welcomes renowned wellness consultants in several fields including sports coaches, therapists, yoga teachers and practitioners of Chinese Medicine. Benefit from their exclusive visits to the palace to enter a new holistic universe. Pilates, ayurveda, naturopathy and Qi-Gong generate long-term benefits.

A wellness consultant for each of your needs

Do you want to chase the stress away, start losing weight, work on muscle strengthening or maintain your physical condition? Whatever your needs, a wellness coach or sports consultant is here to help you achieve your goals. Choose yours now for a personalised programme to restore your inner balance.

Useful information and reservations

The Spa Royal Mansour is open every day from 09:00am to 09:00pm to all hotel guests and visitors.
The wellness programmes can be booked with or without a stay.

An reinterpretation of sport and therapeutic care

The Spa is designed as a setting perfected by talented therapists.. Specialists in various disciplines, from wellness coaches to experts in alternative medicine and sports trainers, you are guaranteed to feel enriched when you visit the enchanting setting of the Marrakchi palace.
Accurate advice, targeted gestures, caring relationship, and ultimate personalisation of each treatment, every effort is made to ensure that your fitness session and sports class are unforgettable experiences.
The success of the Royal Mansour treatments is due to the magical details that you shall remember forever.
Guests of honour at Spa Royal Mansour and our wellness consultants will guide you towards a new holistic dimension.