Luxury concierge service : the joy of being attended to

As we believe that hotel excellence lies in the little details, we strive, like perfectionists, to ensure every component of your stay at the Royal Mansour Marrakesh is cared for. The personal reception and luxury concierge service are provided with one goal in mind: to make your experience full of emotions and unexpected delights.

A charming yet discreet way of life

At the Royal Mansour, hospitality is instinctual. From your very arrival, the Moroccan art of hosting shines. You will be welcomed in the calm atmosphere of the central patio and guided through the medina alleyways to your riad. Our staff are delicately attentive. They are there for you at all times.
The palace continues its excellence in the spa, restaurants and guest rooms, which offer families some lovely surprises. In each area, the personal service embodies the luxury approach we believe in and deliver.
No matter the time of day, the palace experts and ambassadors make a point of ensuring that your stay exceeds your expectations. Their caring and genuine attitudes, inscribed in each gesture, will carry you into a universe in which every detail matters and time stands still. It’s what our regular guests come back for…

Luxury concierge service: royal treatment

The concierge is more than just a service. It’s a mission we complete everyday with the passion that drives us: to listen to your desires, anticipate your needs, get to know you and succeed at exceeding your expectations every time you stay.
Our concierge team, who wear the “golden key” mark on the back of their uniforms, will ensure your trip is stress-free so that you can enjoy Marrakesh with a carefree and relaxed frame of mind.
Whatever you need, whenever you need it, all you have to do is ask…

No commonality, only exclusivity: The Royal Mansour difference

Simple gestures, human contact, wide warming smiles…This is how the Royal Mansour philosophy is expressed, its precise and meticulous service vision instilled in the expertise and passion of our team.
Butlers, concierge staff, doormen and ambassadors reflect this unique style. Professionals at anticipating every need, they know how to make the ordinary extraordinary.
Invisible staff also contribute to this immaculate sense of detail. Backstage, service staff, maids and luxury craftspeople work out of sight to ensure your comfort and well-being. Members of the great Royal Mansour family, they contribute to ensuring that your trip to Marrakesh is a rare and unique experience.
The lines between dream and reality blur, stirring emotions that give meaning to the initiatory journey that awaits you here…