PATISSERIE WORKSHOPS The delicate art of pastry-making

An experience infused with delicacy and softness awaits you in the most beautiful of settings. The Royal Mansour Marrakech cooking school opens its doors to you for a gourmet immersion in the heart of the Ochre City. Spend a patisserie workshop exploring the codes of gourmet cuisine and learning new, avant-garde pastry-making techniques.
Mon. to sun. 3.00pm to 5.00pm
Upon reservation

A different kind of patisserie workshops in Marrakech

Chocolate enthusiasts, patisserie connoisseurs and foodies looking for new experiences, there’s a workshop to suit every desire. In a friendly atmosphere, our pastry chefs are delighted to share their knowledge with you. Taste, texture, and gustatory pleasures await you. Every bite in your sweet creations, at the palace and at home, will fill you with joy.

A gourmet immersion sprinkled with the ultimate Royal Mansour touch

The Royal Mansour Marrakech’s reputation for hospitality and service will add even more magic to your initiation. It embodies the spirit of luxury that we claim and share with our guests for a day and for ever. Our Signature Workshops in Marrakech offer you the chance to share experiences, enjoy the palace from the inside out and take home fond memories!

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