PRIVILEGE RIAD Authentic and majestic

Worthy descendants of traditional Moroccan houses, the 15 2-bedroom riads in the Privilege collection are designed as the perfect setting for family or friends and are marked by authenticity. Let your riad show you the way of life in Marrakech, indulging in moments on the panoramic terrace and naps in the shade of the patio. Magic and wonder await you here, from the first to the last second of your stay.
430 SQM

A riad that stir your emotions like a sweet tune about the Royal Mansour Marrakech way of living

Behind the discreet looking Moroccan doorway hides a 430 sqm 3-floored peaceful haven. A warm and intimate atmosphere of a traditional dwelling lingers in the air of this two-bedroom family riad. It’s a journey of luxury, excellence and warmth.

Warmth, style and spirit immersing you at all times

In keeping with the prestigious elements and reputation of the Royal Mansour Marrakech, the traditional riad that awaits you is tailored in its charm and individuality to be just for you. You will find the unique Royal Mansour touch in the signature scents, little high-tech additions and unexpected surprises scattered around you family riad in Marrakech. The personal butler, key to your experience, pushes excellence to its peak.

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