Amazing Hotels : Life Beyond the Lobby

We opened the doors of Royal Mansour to take you behind the scenes in BBC Two’s #AmazingHotels; Life Beyond the Lobby Series.
Monica Galetti, one of the journalist works with our executive housekeeper Miss Laurence Jaspard, who intriguingly teaches her to how to ‘show love to curtains’. There are 350 pairs of them at Royal Mansour, and each set must be caressed by hand to create the most perfect pleats.
Giles Coren dons the uniform of our hotel butlers, like Mohammed, who introduces him to the hotel’s 1km of underground tunnels, which ensure absolute discretion – to ourguests, it looks as though every whim is fulfilled as if by magic.
Beyond the Royal Mansour walls, Monica Galetti visits a farm where Berber women pick the precious saffron used in the hotel’s two fine-dining restaurants. And chauffeur Akram bravely lets Giles Coren test drive one of our of ten luxury cars.
We hope you enjoy watching as much as our team enjoyed being a part of BBC 2’s Amazing Hotels series. You can now watch the whole programme or the clips through the different links just below.