La Table restaurant :simple emotions, fine flavours

The main restaurant of the Royal Mansour Marrakech offers a range of flavours, settings and scenarios centred around the same idea of culinary excellence. The ideal location for every instant and desire, La Table offers real indulgent culinary diversity in the heart of Marrakesh.

From breakfast to dinner: there’s no wrong time to treat yourself

A majestic breakfast under the arabesques, an enchanting lunch on a Marrakesh terrace, an eternally delicious cup of tea on the balcony, an intimate late dinner in a private lounge: at La Table restaurant, we’re all about guests treating themselves. The variety of atmospheres adds to the eating experience. It’s one of the many qualities of this establishment.
Supervised by Chef Yannick Alléno and his team, La Table restaurant offers enviable cuisine, based on the inspiration he takes from local flavours and seasonal produce. The menu is constantly changing and offers a fine, light and sun-filled selection, with Mediterranean and innovative culinary influence.
A dip into the indulgent world, the patisserie library of the Royal Mansour in the La Table restaurant offers a range of freshly prepared desserts every day. Playing with aromas, textures, colours and sweet and sour balances, the pastry chef whips up delicious sweet treats to be enjoyed as a dessert or with a cup of tea.

Dates at La Table in Marrakesh : fun and sharing

La Table evolves its programme in hours, days and for special calendar events. So many opportunities to experiment with new thrills and culinary trends, for you to try at just a stone’s throw away from Marrakesh’s medina.
Everyday, for afternoon tea, La Table restaurant offers you simple and flavourful treats to share between family or friends. Moroccan, French or English teas and cakes will astonish and delight your taste buds. Not to miss: Sunday brunch at the Royal Mansour Marrakech, where the pleasure of relaxing and gently taking in a new day is reinvented…

La Table restaurant : practical information

La Table restaurant is currently closed.
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The other charming side to La Table restaurant…

The restaurant and kitchen teams work hand in hand to create the highlights and service that accompany your meals every hour, day and season.
The Chef Jérôme Videau, true to his style, treats local and seasonal products with refreshing simplicity. From this meticulous manner of composing, enhanced by his creativity, taste revolutions are born to seduce your taste buds, whether with a roasted farm chicken or a monkfish tail casserole.
Every dish is enhanced by the subtle art of detail, setting everything perfectly in place, presenting the ingredients, serving immaculately and welcoming guests with a warm familiar smile. You will find yourself at a table surrounded by warmth, where all feel instantly at ease.
Sit relaxed surrounded by the scent of jasmine and gardenias, to enjoy a unique culinary experience and the sweet, comforting setting. Yannick Alléno