SESAMO The ambassador of Italian cuisine in Marrakech

The place that Italian cuisine enthusiasts describe as the best Italian restaurant in Marrakech offers an indulgent interlude orchestrated by Chef Massimiliano Alajmo. A true culinary institution in the ochre city, Sesamo has joined the closed circle of the best restaurants in the MENA region in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Guests or visitors alike: get ready to experience the quintessence of Italian gastronomy.

A culinary experience in a decor where all of Italy is told to you

The emblematic Italian restaurant in Marrakech unveils a cuisine that is precise, authentic and generous, celebrating the original flavours of the Italian culinary tradition. On the terrace or in the sumptuous setting of a lounge, every texture, colour and scent is in perfect harmony. Sesamo stands for multi-starred chef Alajmo’s vision of Italian gastronomy. A table calling for sharing, conviviality and gatherings.

The quest for the ultimate culinary experience at Sesamo

No experience would be perfect without the precision of talented chefs who always manage to tantalise your taste buds. In the dining room and behind the scenes, excellence is achieved when you have a unique team of great chefs, food suppliers, sommeliers and head waiters. Characterised as modest, passionate and full of rigour, these culinary geniuses work hand in hand to make sure you experience a moment like no other.

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