THE BARS: The Marrakchi Palace’s soul

Between discreet confessions, passionate conversations, exquisite tastings and piano tunes, the Royal Mansour bars are the stuff of dreams. Following your moods and the hours of the day, the atmosphere is at times peaceful, lounge-like, sparkling or festive. The elegant decor and precise service make the Royal Mansour bars known as some of the few rare places where you can enjoy some peace and quiet from the hectic world.

The Royal Mansour Marrakech bars: a legendary collection

Each bar of the Royal Mansour Marrakech is a trip, an invitation to explore your curiosity and satisfy your senses. Choose the Main Bar for its friendly atmosphere or the Cigar Bar for luscious tastings. Or perhaps you’re in the mood for timeless romance at the Fireplace Lounge or intrigue at the Library… There’s a uniquely charming refuge for every desire.

Bars that are not only charming but distil the spirit of the Royal Mansour

The lounges, bars and library of the Royal Mansour Marrakech are uniquely charming, adding to the feeling of relaxation and escape. Extra touches are hidden in the perfect flavour harmonies, transforming all recipes into a sensory experience. In our secret laboratory, our mixologists and cocktail maestros concoct all sorts of stories and pleasantly surprising aromatic combinations. The Royal Mansour spirit can also be found in the warm welcome, musical atmosphere and precise execution of the drinks and dishes on the menu.

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