Exceptional spa treatments : regeneration and ultimate effectiveness

Exquisite scents, delicate strokes, deep vibrations, withdrawal and time for oneself… It’s the sweet smell of well-being that comes from the treatment rooms of the Royal Mansour Spa. Massages, beauty care, facials and body treatments are offered in rooms built magically for beauty and relaxation.

Well-being in its purest form

Settle down comfortably in one of the ten treatment rooms or three spa suites of our relaxation space and let our therapists work their magic. The light atmosphere, soothing sounds and fragrant atmosphere will transport you into deep relaxation.
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Facials :
the peak of sublimity

Cleanse your skin, smooth wrinkles, get an even complexion, provide deep nourishment and stimulate micro-circulation? The Royal Mansour Spa offers a large range of facial treatments with long-lasting effects. Argan oil and melting honey beauty ritual, phyto-aromatic treatments and intense hydration… the marocMaroc, Sisley, Intraceuticals and Dr Burgener lines will bring fresh radiance to your face.

Massages :
the power of touch

Relax, rebalance your energy, reach complete well-bring…The massage is the most effective and revitalising exceptional treatment provided at the Royal Mansour Spa. Whether its tonic, therapeutic, relaxing or targeted, your massage will always be a special moment. Vary the intensity, techniques and scents. Pulse to the beat of sensual well-being.

Body treatments: the essence of revitalisation

The Royal Mansour Spa applies its well-being philosophy to its unique body treatment range spanning from targeted sessions to holistic therapy. Body wraps, exfoliation, intense hydration and lipomodelling: our body treatments act like a restorative and healing balm. Delightful scents and sensory surrender… Sooth your skin and soul.

Beauty treatments :
the ultimate touch

Hair removal, foot and hand treatments, hairstyling, event make-up and touch-ups…The beauty treatments of the Spa meet all the prime criteria to bring your aesthetic dreams to life and make your personality shine.

Exceptional Spa treatments at Royal Mansour : practical information

The Spa Royal Mansour welcomes both guests and non-residents every day from 09:00am to 09:00pm.
The Fitness centre is open from 07:00am to 09:00pm, by appointment with a maximum of 3 persons.
Given the health measures related to the protection from coronavirus pandemic, our Spa’s opening hours are subject to change at any time. For any reservation, please kindly contact our team directly.
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A tailored treatment programme

At the Royal Mansour Spa, every massage, facial, beauty or body treatment starts with you. We base our treatment on understanding the balance of your body and what works for your skin.
For your every desire, for beauty or hair, we organise a private consultation in one of the alcoves of the atrium. Our masseurs, beauty therapists and hair stylists interview, analyse and diagnose to create a special solution targeting each of your concerns.
Then its up to you to let everything go and revitalise. Expert advice, custom treatments, subtle gestures and fluid and delicate pressure boost the effectiveness of the therapies and have an instant impact on your body and mind. An irresistible invitation to revival.
Weightless sensations, infinite vibrations, new emotions… Let your body and soul be rebalanced, reconciled and regenerated.