Table du Spa :where healthy eating meets indulgence

A sanctuary of healthy and natural nutrition, La Table du Spa offers you a new outlook on detox cuisine. Light meals, high-vitality specialities and a tea room work in perfect synergy with the prodigious treatments of the Royal Mansour Spa. Take time for yourself to enjoy a gourmet yet balanced break.

A restaurant looking out for your well-being

After a hammam experience, gym session or exceptional treatment, come and share some gourmet delights with your family or friends. La Table du Spa welcomes you in your treatment outfit at just next to the edge of the citrus gardens and fruit orchards. Here, guests of the palace or day visitors can extend the benefits of the spa in a relaxed atmosphere.
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The menu by Yannick Alléno uniquely offers light cooking with gourmet influence, marrying flavour and nutrition in the plate. To purify your body, get rid of toxins and fill up on energy, La Table du Spa is the place to be.
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Sip on a multi-effect energising juice, enjoy a benefit-rich detox soup or savour a vegetable tagine. Gourmet salads, citrus flavours and steamed specialities render fruit, vegetables and organic cereals from Morocco divine. Healthy eating here is nothing but pure pleasure.
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An exceptional tea room just next to the gardens

When tea time comes around, home-blended infusions, great vintages and light snacks are served up in those irresistible moments of relaxation in the spa grounds…Green, black or traditional teas with fresh, fruity or spiced notes make for a friendly atmosphere and give the sweet time the scent of eternal enchantment.
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The sacred ritual of La Table du Spa is at its finest in the Eden of the citrus gardens, where your senses will evade you. The soothing murmur of the fountains, caressing whistle of the wind and birdsong add to the feeling of satisfaction and serenity that the premises exude, where scents and savours blend with delight.

La Table du Spa: opening hours

La Table du Spa at Royal Mansour is open from 10:00am to 09:00pm for a light snack, fine tea or a refreshing drink.
Exceptional opening hours: 09.00am – 06.00pm.
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Light cooking taken to an artistic level

Filled with the palace’s cherished spirit, La Table du Spa fosters a charming and discreet art of living. To reach prime harmony, each dish brings out original flavours to the tune of the theme, where perfect service is key to the ceremony.
The journey begins in the laboratories and kitchens where the great chefs, commis and chefs de partie put their expertise and passion into serving each of their creations. Then the responsibility is passed onto the head waiter and their team, who lead a ballet-like service in the dining room with precision and elegance.
Gestures, smiles and words presented with grace and genuineness. They embody the thousand-year-old art of hosting surrounding every element, from the plate, to the décor and garden, which provides a feeling of multi-sensory well-being…
Energising flavours, fruity aromas, vegetable essences: everything contributes to making you feel satisfied and at your very best at La Table du Spa