Spa Royal Mansour : our beauty and wellness care brands

The Spa Royal Mansour has always collaborated with emblematic brands to make each treatment session a unique wellness experience. All your senses will be awakened by the textures, the scents, and the gentle movements.

To respond as specifically as possible to your skin profile, the Spa is enriching its range of treatments by joining forces with three new renowned brands.

The best skincare brands for all your specific needs

Regularly distinguished as one of the best spas in the world, the Spa Royal Mansour champions treatment brands that combine gentle movements with restoring active ingredients. To complement this wide range of products, a unique care protocol provides you with precious resources adapted to your skin type.
carte des soins

Informations pratiques

Avec une carte de soins réduite, le Spa Royal Mansour accueille les résidents et les non-résidents à l’hôtel tous les jours de 10h00 à 21h00.
Les soins Hammam sont actuellement non disponibles.
Le centre de fitness est ouvert de 07h00 à 21h00. Sur rendez-vous, avec un maximum de 3 personnes.

Beyond Spa brands, unforgettable sensations

Driven by a quest for excellence, Royal Mansour Marrakech’s experts, advisers, and Spa practitioners constantly explore, select, and sublimate the ingredients and treatment formulas.
Our singularity and success lie in our willingness to take the time to surprise you. Skillful gestures, accurate advice, and attention to details are part of each stage of the treatment ritual.
This combination of knowledge, along with the highly skilled therapists, has only one objective: multiply the benefits of your treatment session tenfold as a key to regaining serenity and deeply rejuvenated skin.
The Spa Royal Mansour, where an ordinary treatment is transformed into an extraordinary experience!