Hair salon and treatments :have a hair makeover, enhance your look

Every experience in the Royal Mansour Marrakech hairdressing salon is original and captivating. Discover the unequalled beauty in the heart of the legendary spa, where hairstyling and luxury living become one.

Styling and treatments: focusing on hair happiness

Beauticians and artists, our stylists will help you reinvent yourself. With their expert eyes and touch, they will create perfect volume and refine shape to express your personality and desires through your hairstyle.
Perfect hold, infinite shine, light and natural-looking tinting… Our stylists will take all the time required to fulfil your hairstyle dreams. Using botanical pigments, they create high-definition dyes and ultra-precise balayage, while also expertly executing haircuts, curling, hairdos, beard care and special hairdos.

Leonor Greyl hair treatments

As nothing is every too sophisticated when it comes to beauty, each hair treatment begins with a private consultation in one of the closed cabins of the hairdressing salon. Thin, sensitive, dry, normal or combination hair? For every hair type, we have a special treatment.
“Signature Royal Mansour treatment”, “A thousand and one nights”, “Express treatment”, “Revitalising cure”… the Leonor Greyl treatments are made from a combination of natural oils and plant extracts. Delicately applied, line by line, the creamy nourishing cocktail deeply penetrates the hair and regenerates it from the core.
Then fully relax for a while to the hypnotic movements of a scalp massage. Thanks to the combined effect of the movements, textures, fragrances and restorative mask, your scalp will revive and all tension will disappear…The prelude to highly beneficial regeneration.

The Royal Mansour Marrakech Hair Salon : opening hours

The Hair Salon of the Royal Mansour Spa is open every day from 10:00am to 09:00pm for both guests and non-residents.
Given the health measures related to the protection from coronavirus pandemic, our Spa’s opening hours are subject to change at any time. For any reservation, please kindly contact our team directly.
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The art of hairdressing taken to a sacred ritual level

Driven by the unique philosophy of the Moroccan palace, the hair and treatment salon of the Royal Mansour Marrakesh is an exceptional place where perfectly mastered beauty is combined with personal and detailed care.
An expert eye, careful attention, useful advice…Our care experts and stylists are not only passionate about hair. They are also masters at cutting hair and listening to clients.
From the comfort of the chairs to the precision of movements, everything at the hairdressing salon of the Royal Mansour spa is planned to ensure you can enjoy a moment of pure relaxation. You will leave feel transformed by the preciously pleasurable moment. Beauty, vitality and well-being; the perfect trio.
Style, precision, mastery, expertise… Our hair maestros use their scissors
to create glamorous and natural long-lasting style