Royal Mansour Spa gym :where training is a pleasure

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The hidden temple of the Royal Mansour Spa dedicated to training reaffirms luxury in motion. Training programmes and memberships at the gymoffer palace guests and outside members a unique revitalising experience. Get a taste of the invigorating pleasure of sport in a legendary spa.

A fitness centred nestled in amongst the gardens, hidden from prying eyes

In the Royal Mansour Marrakech gym you will get a new feel for exercise. With its consistent natural light, high-tech equipment and mythical setting, exercisers of all levels will feel the benefits and energy.
The orange-orchard inspired pool seduces with the undeniable charm of its glass covering that dazzles with the sun’s rays. Start the day off with a swim, sooth muscles after a gym session or simply bask in a 22-metre pool filled with rejuvenating waters; the Royal Mansour Spa is the place to be.
Time will stand still while you let go of all stress to rebalance and boost your vital energy…Yoga and pilates sessions offer all the finesses of the thousand-year-old way of life aimed at self-development to the fullest extent.

Training with every comfort

Whether you wish to improve your physique, maintain your sport routine, tone up or target certain areas of your body, there is a latest-generation device for every requirement in the Royal Mansour Marrakech gym. Treadmill, elliptical trainer, exercise bike, wave machine, weight machines and dumbbells offer the very best to train every part of your body.
royal mansour
At your own pace, with or without a coach, gently or intensely, stretching, cardio training, endurance training and weight training will propel you towards effective, pleasurable, explorative sporting dynamism.

Fitness area at Royal Mansour Spa : information

The Fitness and Wellness Center is open from 07:00am to 09:00pm every day of the week.
By appointment with a maximum of 3 persons. The non-residents can benefit from sport’s equipments as part of a membership at the Fitness Centre or after booking a Spa treatment of 60 minutes minimum.
Given the health measures related to the protection from coronavirus pandemic, our Spa’s opening hours are subject to change at any time. For any reservation, please kindly contact our team directly.
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More than just a fitness session; a distinctive sporting experience

The revitalising training programme offered by our fitness centre is joined by the art of details and custom service at the core of the Royal Mansour Marrakesh philosophy. Driven by a passion for training, endurance and teaching, our expert sport and nutrition coaches guide guests to achieve their fitness goals.
The full consultation, targeted programme and completely personalised training will help you optimise your performance and reach your goals, no matter your experience.
The warm welcome from the spa receptionists, energising atmosphere of the gym and light meals offered at La Table du Spa add to the pleasure of each of your fitness sessions… Every detail has been planned to make you feel at your most radiant.
The number one fitness centre in Marrakesh make sport and luxury living become one…