Afternoon tea at the Royal Mansour Marrakech:indulgent heaven

Afternoon tea provides a rare moment in which everything else is put on hold to enjoy exquisite flavours, delicate drinks and joyful chatter. Sweet and savoury snacks await you for those sacred afternoon meetings at the Royal Mansour Marrakech. Get comfortable. Let the journey begin.

Afternoon tea in all forms

On a balcony overlooking the iconic Marrakesh Koutoubia Mosque or in the cosy La Table restaurant, afternoon tea at the Royal Mansour is always sensational. Everyday, Monday to Sunday from 3:30pm to 6pm, the mythical Marrakesh palace invites you for an indulgent moment in this multi-faceted, all-desire-fulfilling setting.

Moroccan tea

The Moroccan lifestyle would not be complete without the famous mint tea that has been consumed ritually in the magnificent Marrakesh palaces for centuries. Moroccan pastries, a selection of teas, nos-nos coffee and Moroccan crêpes (msemen, harcha, beghrir) sing the tune of honey sweet dreams.

French tea

A variety of hot drinks, toast, jewel-like pastries… Afternoon tea French style will fulfil your indulgent Parisian fantasies. Travel with your taste buds from the soft comfort of the Royal Mansour.

English tea

Five o’clock at the Royal Mansour opens the gates to British elegance, accompanied by an assortment of scones, muffins, cookies, cakes and mini sandwiches. Tea time equates to a delicious selection of boldly flavoured great wines.

Indulgence and delicacy

At La Table restaurant, with the famous pastry selection, you will discover the awe-inspiring creations dreamt up by the talented pastry chef of the Royal Mansour Marrakech. Frozen delights, fruit delicacies, chocolate compositions, caramelised sensations and crisp-fondant mouthfuls play their part in this beautiful and delicious performance.
The Royal Mansour also offers the delights of foie gras terrine and Norwegian smoked salmon with chive cream. The journey may be sweet but it lacks no salt… Club sandwiches, burgers and other savoury creations are served alongside homemade sorbets and ice creams.
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The Afternoon tea: practical information

The afternoon tea of Royal Mansour Marrakech is served every day from 03:30pm to 05:30pm.
MAD 350 / person

The art of detail, the charm of small gestures

Afternoon tea at the Royal Mansour Marrakech re-enchants the art of hosting deeply rooted in Moroccan culture. For an unforgettable journey, the ceremony combines with the hospitality and little extras that set us apart.
In the secret kitchens of the palace, the pastry chef strives to make every creation a symphony of flavours and elegance. The balanced garnishing, harmony of textures and bold techniques used add to the visual and flavour intensity of the sweet and savoury treats on the menu.
The butlers’ and waiters’ natural adeptness and rigour can be seen throughout the experience. The thoughtful service is fades behind the scenes, to allow the spotlight to shine on the indulgent and comforting emotions. Savour the moment.
Open up to the emotions, deep conversations and pleasure of tasting in this exceptional setting