Private receptions at the Royal Mansour :seek pure excellence

All private events organised at the Royal Mansour Marrakesh are beautifully planned to be personal and unforgettable. Prepare yourself for some magical moments…Original reception locations, tailored service and exquisite catering make for grandiose and exceptional events.

An exceptional location for every extraordinary occasion

Offering a fine blend of luxurious décor, majestic high ceilings and high-tech equipment, the modular and customisable lounges guarantee that your private reception in Marrakesh will be a complete success. Every space here is joyful, perfectly ready to glorify your gala dinners, normal celebrations or family gatherings.
The Royal Mansour gardens, with the enchanting terraces and floral alcoves honour the charming appeal of private outdoor receptions. The clear sky of the Ochre City, olive trees and fountains are woven together to form a magical backdrop for any birthday or intimate event. Be ready to experience an exceptionally touching moment in this elegant oasis.
The riads transform into the ultimate festive setting. The patio adorned with celebratory decorations welcomes you for your private dinners. The elegantly lit roof terrace offer some of the most memorable private evening events in Marrakesh. From the top to the bottom, the palace provides an infinite universe of event areas, fit for all desires imaginable.

Organising a private event in Marrakesh: the Royal Mansour touch

Like an haute couture garment, your private reception will be tailored to your dreams and requirements. For your every occasion, our team will be at hand to identify your desires, design a theme and create a universe for an event made to your taste.

The tailored menu choices, personalised music theme, dedicated set-up and hand-selected floral compositions are the signature of the exclusive nature of your event.

The atmosphere will sing sophistication, festivity, intimacy, glamour or flamboyance as you wish. Endless choices limited only by your decisions.

Private events planning : practical information

Our expert team is at your disposal to help you create the right and perfect private event at Royal Mansour Marrakech.
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A distinguished private reception : the art of infinite details

Our teams are used to hosting splendid events and use all of their expertise and talent to embody perfection at the Royal Mansour. Following a philosophy of excellence, they master the art of hosting and serving to accomplished standards.
You will feel the unparalleled palace spirit in the chic and signature menus, cocktails and buffets. The surprising and enchanting culinary options offered by our chefs will be the highlight of your experience.
Each private reception is polished off with an infinite range of details, neatly sown into the work of our florists, butlers, waiters and all other members of the attentive and friendly event team. These charming final touches are added with one goal in mind: to make the memory of your event one of the happiest of your life.
Hosting is an art, bringing out our passion for event organising, making your private reception a wonderful memory and experience, stirring authentic and genuine emotion.