16 May 2023
Gastronomy, Royal Mansour news

At the Royal Mansour Marrakech, stop by every day for a gourmet treat!

If you seek an original and flavourful culinary experience, visit the Royal Mansour Marrakech. Fresh discoveries, emotions and new flavours… delve into an exceptional universe. Whatever your desires, our tables at the Royal Mansour Marrakech will offer you unforgettable experiences in taste. Whether you are a gourmet or simply curious about uncovering the pleasures of original dishes, let yourself be tempted by the gourmet stopovers offered by the iconic Marrakech Palace.


A comforting break, a gourmet delight… the Royal Mansour Marrakech is the ideal place to live out a unique gastronomic experience. Enjoy a unique atmosphere every day, with flavours and experiences that will literally take you on a journey.

Monday: start the week with ‘Aperitivo’

For a smooth start to the week, have a drink with friends or as a couple, meet at the Sesamo restaurant from 5pm. Here you will be able to enjoy simple but delicious food, in a setting that will immerse you in the heart of Venice. The dishes, served as half portions on specially designed plates, are both refined and creative. An ideal way to relax after a long day or to start a beautiful evening. You can enjoy ‘Aperitivo’ menu every day of the week.

‘Pasta Mardi’: a Tuesday like in Italy

On Tuesdays, prolong your pleasure at the Sesamo restaurant with ‘Pasta Mardi‘, a 7-course menu that takes you across the Mediterranean sea for dinner. From land to sea, be prepared to savour dishes that are as generous as authentic and surprising, created by 3-star Michelin chef Massimiliano Alajmo.

Wednesdays: an original outing for the little ones

Wednesday afternoons are when children get together! To satisfy the taste buds of your little ones, the chefs at the Royal Mansour Marrakech have come up with a special snack for children. Pastries, ice cream, Liège waffles and the famous gummy bears… the children’s snack is served every Wednesday at La Table restaurant from 3pm. While the little ones are enjoying themselves, the older ones can also have a moment to themselves with the unmissable tea time at the Royal Mansour, for a never-failing pause of shared enjoyment.

Sushi Thursdays: a celebration of world cuisine

The ‘Sushi Thursday’ menu will fill the end of your week with discovery and exquisite sensations around original dishes! Set in the enchanting Le Jardin restaurant, our chefs will treat you to a journey to the heart of Asia at lunchtime. On the menu: shiso leaf tempura, sea bream sashimi, nigiri or tuna temaki. Not to mention the famous frosted coconut to round things off. A real treat!

Traditional Friday couscous, Royal Mansour style

To observe tradition, for the sake of discovery or just for the sheer pleasure of it, enjoy the traditional and iconic Royal Mansour couscous every Friday at lunchtime, at La Grande Table Marocaine. On the menu: an assortment of Moroccan salads, followed by a choice of couscous – vegetarian, chicken or lamb – and to end on a high note, a milk pastilla infused with orange blossom and the traditional cinnamon orange salad.

On Saturdays, ‘Canapés’ at the Bar to kick-start your evening

Before being swept off your feet by the festive atmosphere of Marrakech at night, a stop at the Royal Mansour Bars is worth the detour. Feel the vibes of talented pianist Pahppee while discovering our selection of cocktails, accompanied by delicious canapés to whet your appetite. The ‘Canapés’ menu is served every day of the week from 6pm.

Sunday rendez-vous at La Table: French-style lunch

Sunday lunch is a great tradition at the Royal Mansour Marrakech. Every Sunday, from 12pm to 4pm, La Table restaurant welcomes you to enjoy this on-trend culinary experience, not to be missed while in the ‘Ochre City’. Sole pâté bruschetta, salted tartar with fries, poached egg, vegetable or roast poultry blanquette: La Table dishes give pride of place to the essentials of French cuisine.


Through its gourmet stopovers, the Royal Mansour Marrakech invites you to experience a range of pleasures throughout the week. Be it aperitifs, French culinary delights, traditional dishes or world cuisine… treat your taste buds to unique experiences in the heart of the red city. Eager to make a loved one happy? Visit the Royal Mansour’s online boutique to offer them one of these stopovers in the form of a gift box.