Royal Mansour Collection Beyond luxury, a sustainable commitment

Far from traditional hotel codes, the Royal Mansour is lived as an experience where luxury and service exceed travellers’ expectations. In Marrakech, first, we have always been committed to offering the best of Moroccan art de vivre, while respecting sustainable and responsible practices. Today, with our collection of luxury hotels in Morocco, we are proud to extend this commitment to new destinations, bringing the same level of excellence, discretion and ecological, social and societal awareness.

The environment at the heart of our commitment: a promise for a better future

Aware of the environmental impact of their activities, the Royal Mansour hotel collection takes a proactive approach to protecting the planet in order to preserve natural resources and contribute to sustainable tourism. Raising staff awareness of environmentally-friendly practices at work and in everyday life, and efficient waste, energy and water management are among the measures taken to reduce our carbon footprint.

At Royal Mansour, we are convinced that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. That’s why we are committed to conducting our business in an ethical way. Through responsible sourcing, we ensure that our products and services meet the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility. We therefore favour partnerships with suppliers who share our values and adopt transparent, responsible and sustainable business practices.

Social responsibility for sustainable and inclusive growth

Our social responsibility goes beyond the walls of our company and extends to our local communities. In addition to our commitment to giving our employees every opportunity to reach their full potential, we actively support a number of local associations and initiatives. And through L’Académie Royal Mansour, we provide young people with access to education in the luxury hotel industry, sharing with them the unique expertise, values and strong culture that are the pillars of our success.

Royal Mansour Collection: luxury, and naturally so!