Hammam at Spa Royal Mansour Marrakech : Escape to your inner equilibrium

The Spa Royal Mansour Marrakech’s hammam is a hidden jewel where the purity of pearly white marble and gentle murmur of fountains set the scene for pure relaxation. The master-room of the Spa, the hammam invites you to enjoy an immersive and sensual experience rooted in the Moroccan lifestyle. Let the journey inner harmony begin.

The hammam, a heritage deeply rooted in Moroccan culture

The hammam ceremonial is based on the purification and beauty rituals of former times. To create the hammam treatments, the Spa Royal Mansour Marrakech traced the history of thermal baths and uncovered the beauty secrets of the Moroccan women who bear the traditions of this thousand-year-old art. To fulfil the needs of skin in all its variations, each natural ingredients is meticulously selected.

Royal Mansour Signature Hammams: an immersive experience

The Signature treatments offered in our hammam in Marrakech provide a beginner’s journey fragrance to your experience. Natural ingredients and ancestral rituals take body and soul on a divine sensory journey, in the heart of Morocco. You will leave the hammam transformed by this moment of unrivalled enhancement. Let your new life begin.

Hammams by marocMaroc: at the heart of tradition

With natural ingredients, the marocMaroc line reinterprets traditional beauty products in a perfect harmony of effectiveness and sensory pleasure. Delicate exfoliation, ceremonial massages, relaxation… Immerse yourself in the mysteries of oriental beauty.

The Royal Mansour Marrakech Spa hammam holds true to all promises

True to the unparalleled spirit of the Royal Mansour Marrakech, the hammam takes a rare and tailored approach to treatments. The personal service, beauty therapies and unexpected extras throughout your experience are provided with one goal in mind: to transport you to world of regeneration where your skin will radiate and you will be able to fully let go like never before. A sense of well-being, willingness to share and expert gestures are transferred in full simplicity in the most personalised way.

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