A whole art de vivre in a legendary location!

The luxury hotel in Casablanca you waited for is reborn where its legend was born. At 27 Avenue des Forces Armées Royales beats the new heart of hospitality excellence in the White City. It is only waiting for you to write the next chapter of its story.

More than a luxury hotel in Casablanca, it is a way of life

Near the port, in the heart of the Art Deco town centre, vibrates Casablanca’s new luxury hotel, set in an iconic monument made of architecture from the 1950s. Just as the doors of the Casablancan palace are barely opened, time stands still. The effervescence of the lounges, the monumental lighting of the lobby, restaurants, reception areas and meeting rooms: everything shines with an elegant and warm energy. You instantly change tempo.
Royal Mansour
Royal Mansour
What insiders define as the best hotel in Casablanca is a fully-fledged destination. The rooms and suites here instantly engulf you in comfort. The Spa re-enchants your senses. Higher up, private apartments celebrate the art of hospitality with radiance. Right at the top, the view stretches out to the Ocean. On all the floors, details intensify the memory. Everything in this place is considered for (re)visiting Casablanca in the most beautiful way.

149 highly luxurious accommodations in the heart of Casablanca

The Royal Mansour Casablanca unveils a collection of 149 hospitality gems. Rooms, suites, private apartments or Signature suites: each unit, regardless of size, enhances the charm of the 1950s in Art Deco style. Let’s not forget the details which create the alchemy and escalate over the heights of the hotel.

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Royal Mansour Casablanca restaurants: creating culinary happiness

A gustatory mark. A wave of pleasure. A burst of joy. … The restaurants of the Royal Mansour Casablanca awaken and call out to all senses. A true invitation to a journey, each restaurant is experienced like a stop in time. Accuracy, freshness and delicacy… Your meetings, meals and reunions occur elsewhere in an endlessly tasty environment.

Private and professional events marked by excellence

An event in Casablanca which bears the Royal Mansour signature always promises vibrant moments enhanced by unparalleled ballrooms, reception rooms and meeting rooms… Whether you make private use of the hotel or one of its 4385 sqm of event spaces, you take care of nothing more than opening the doors of the dream.

The Spa Royal Mansour Casablanca: the white city's new wellness destination

The Spa Royal Mansour Casablanca responds to your needs for comfort, withdrawal and time to yourself. To be re-born, the luxurious hotel deploys 2510 sqm of wellness areas over two floors. In the traditional hammam, fitness area, plunge pool ot treatment rooms, you feel the tensions melt, the energies balance and the mindset calm down. The serenity is instantaneous.

Art of hospitality, art of emotion: the ultimate Royal Mansour touch

The passion for precision. The beauty of the gesture. The love for communication. The sincere smiles etched on the faces which you would love to encounter again. That is how the vision of excellence dear to the Royal Mansour House is expressed. Concierges, housekeepers, ambassadors and luxury artisans… All of them have their heart set on taking care of your moments here, such as goldsmiths, to give your stay in Casablanca an unmatched intensity.

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Royal Mansour
Mon. To sun. 12.00PM to 11.00pm
Fri. & Sat. 12.00pm to 5.00am
Gluten free
Contains shelled fruits

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MON. To SUN 12.00PM to 02.30PM – 07.00pm to 11.00pm

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The Royal Mansour Signature hammams

Step into the atlas | 75 min

MAD 1600

Step into taliouine | 75 min

MAD 1600

Step into kalaat m’gouna | 75 min

MAD 1600
mon. to sun. 09.00am to 09.00pm

Deep relief massage by subtle energies | 60 min / 90 min

MAD 2000 / MAD 2700

Restore aromatic massage by subtle energies | 60 min / 90 min

MAD 2000 / MAD 2700

Stretching & massage by proverb | 60 min / 90 min

MAD 2000 / MAD 2700

Infinite sensoriality massage by marocmaroc | 60 min / 90 min

MAD 2000 / MAD 2700

Mum to be massage by subtle energies | 75 min

MAD 2400

Bespoke | 60 min / 90 min

MAD 1200 / MAD 1600

Back massage | 60 min / 90 min

MAD 1200 / MAD 1600

Foot reflexology massage | 60 min / 90 min

MAD 1200 / MAD 1600

Hot stones massage | 60 min / 90 min

MAD 2400 / MAD 3000

Scalp massage | 60 min / 90 min

MAD 1200 / MAD 2000
mon. to sun. 09.00am to 09.00pm

Anti-ageing facial with caviar by bellefontaine | 90 min

MAD 4200

Confidential facial by bellefontaine | 60 min

MAD 3000

Vitality facial for men by bellefontaine | 60 min

MAD 3000

24 gold age-defying facial by subtle energies | 60 min / 90 min

MAD 2400 / MAD 2900

Cactéa signature care by marocmaroc | 75 min

MAD 2400

Cactéa oxygenating care by marocmaroc | 60 min

MAD 2000
mon. to sun. 09.00am to 09.00pm

Signature care | 30 min

MAD 1900

Luxury care | 45 min

MAD 2400

Platinium care | 60 min

MAD 2900
mon. to sun. 09.00am to 09.00pm
Hands and feet care

Manicure | 60 min

MAD 800

Pedicure | 60 min

MAD 900