LE JARDIN BAR RESTAURANT Pure food-loving heaven in Marrakech

It’s in the Royal Mansour Marrakech gardens, from great Arab-Andalusian tradition, that the luxury hotel in Marrakesh set the decor for its open-air Asian restaurant. This table for gourmets offers a unique experience during which your senses will be enticed by the freshness, flavours and amazing chic and relaxed atmosphere stemming from the place’s DNA.

An Asian restaurant in Marrakech singing the tune of world cuisine

Surrounded by a lush Eden and sublimed by the colour scheme, Le Jardin restaurant offers Asian and Mediterranean-influenced cuisine based on sharing, creativity and surprise. The outdoor restaurant, made infinitely precious by this glorious setting, welcomes you for a sunny lunch and, from spring onwards, also for dinner.

Gourmet stopover Sushi Jeudi, a celebration of world cuisine

A delightful journey to the land of the rising sun, the ‘Sushi Jeudi’ gourmet stopover celebrates the richness of Japanese cuisine. And it’s at Le Jardin restaurant that we meet every Thursday at lunchtime to enjoy this tasting menu. Shiso leaf tempura, vegetable tsukemodo, sea bream sashimi, kombu nigiri and other Japanese treats await you.

At Le Jardin restaurant, every detail makes every instant a pleasure

To polish off this unforgettable sensory journey through world cuisines comes the subtle art of details cherished by the Royal Mansour Marrakech. Chefs, waiters and hostesses work together to awaken your senses to the organic, sunny, flavoursome and fragrant harmony of the table of Le Jardin. A hint of elegance, a touch of discretion, a pinch of inspiration… All of the ingredients of the unparalleled Royal Mansour Marrakech spirit come together at Le Jardin restaurant to spark your emotion.

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