Let our Marrakech be yours :activities and Royal Mansour Marrakech gems

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Whether you’re looking for a classic or unique experience of Marrakech, the Royal Mansour is your ideal guide. Our concierges hold all the secrets to Morocco’s fourth city and will reveal some of the best spots to go to on your trip to Marrakesh. From must-do activities to exclusive gems kept just for the guests of the Royal Mansour, the Ochre City has a thousand and one experiences to offer.

What to do in Marrakesh? The musts

Located between the majestic High Atlas Mountains and the Agafay mineral desert, Marrakech attracts travellers through its colours, fragrances, palaces, markets and art centres. It’s historical heritage, iconic medina and uniquely charming gardens embody the sweetness of the south. Our Marrakech, and yours, holds plenty of exclusive addresses, unique experiences and secret discoveries for us to share.

Stir all 5 senses at the Jemaa el Fna square

The Jemaa el Fna is just a 5 minutes walk away from the Royal Mansour Marrakech and is the main centre of the imperial city. Everyday, acrobats, storytellers, dancers, poets and musicians create a captivating setting, made mythical by its presence on UNESCO’s exclusive Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity list.


Stroll through the narrow streets of the irresistibly charming medina

Just a stone’s throw away from your luxury hotel, the entangled alleyways of the medina invite beauty-lovers and curious explorers to have a taste of the sensory experience once amazed the likes of Delacroix, Majorelle and Yves Saint-Laurent… Let yourself be carried away by the life, colours, humour, flavours, miscellaneous items and secret rooftop terraces.


Learn of the fascinating history

To visit Marrakech is to retrace no less than ten centuries of history… Ben Youssef Madrasa, the Bahia Palace, Dar Si Saïd museum, Saadian tombs, Koutoubia Mosque and historic city walls will tell you the tale of the stormy history of the dynasties that forged the Pearl of the South’s identity over the centuries.


Discover Marrakech in all its greenery

The green of the gardens will bind your trip to Marrakesh, the Ochre City. The shaded Eden of the Majorelle Garden, fantasy paradise of the Anima Garden, delicateness of the Secret Garden and privacy of the 18-hole golf green will show that the imperial city certainly does not lack in greenery.


Treat yourself to a dose of creative energy

Marrakech is also a place to discover culture and counter-culture. Take in the emotions stirred by the Yves Saint-Laurent museum, debate over picture details at the Photography Museum and get a taste of the new art scene at the Al Maaden museum. The Ochre City reveals an unexpected side through its art galleries, designer shops and artist collectives.

Discover Marrakech in unique style

As each traveller is different, the Royal Mansour concierge is ready to make a unique personalised plan for every guest. They will suggest a selection of activities not to be missed by those looking for a unique and different experience of the destination.

Explore the Ochre City with our private guides

Our private professional guides will organise a personalised tour of Marrakech for you. It’s a brilliant way to enrich your trip with intriguing anecdotes, unusual encounters and detours through discreet alleyways and secret funduqs.


Dine in the heavenly skyline of the Altas Mountains

Imagine a table served just for you up in the Atlas Mountains. All around, mineral landscapes roll endlessly in the limitless kingdom. Toast as the sun bids farewell. The evening has just begun. Soon, a gourmet meal will radiate to the light of the stars that twinkle across the skies above.


Live Icarus’s dream sailing through the sky in a hot air balloon

The sun rises. The hot air balloon floats up into the sky above Marrakesh. A light sensation takes over as you drift hundreds of metres above the ground. Surrounding you are the peaks of the Atlas Mountains, desert stretches and the city, far below, that unfolds across the ochre ground. Everything becomes soft and airy.


Fly off into the heart of the desert by helicopter

The magic of waking up in the virgin dunes of the early morning, intoxicating silence of the wind dancing over the sand, warm moments spent together around the crackling fire… At the end of this unique stay in Erh Chigaga, you’ll understand why they call the desert an experience of a lifetime.


Reach the peaks of the High Atlas Mountains

Just an hour away by car from Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains know how to entice travellers looking for great heights. Between Berber villages, forever-snow-covered peaks and the joyful valleys, rocked by the murmur of the wadis, the Atlas Mountains call you to the great outdoors, following the paths of Berber hospitality. It’s also the ideal opportunity – why not, after all – for an initiation to Moroccan cuisine with a local.

The magic of Morocco waiting for you

Whatever takes your fancy, the concierge is here to give you tips, organise personalised activities and book your transport, guide or chauffeur.
The staff’s passion, keen listening and anticipation of your every desire will enhance your trip from before you arrive to long after you’ve left. Our luxury concierge service’s approach to hospitality, along with their golden tips, embody the unique spirit of the Royal Mansour. All that’s left is for you to relax and let Marrakesh come to you.
There are few cities in the world that are capable of bewitching you with the same strength and magic as Marrakesh. Few cities, few countries, give as much. Pierre Bergé