The Royal Mansour Marrakech is an ode to Moroccan know-how. Every room, every nook and cranny, reflects the tribute that this hotel pays to the great skill of Moroccan artisans. The Pastry Chef, Jean Lachenal, was keen to pay tribute to this ancestral know-how by designing his Easter egg like an oriental lamp, finely chiselled and decorated.

An artistic Easter egg inspired by the work of Moroccan artisans

It was during one of his strolls through the Medina of Marrakech that Jean Lachenal got carried away by the pounding sound of hammers hitting off the brass souk, called Souk Seffarine. It was there where he met the coppersmiths who hammer metal using a technique that dates back to the 12th century. The remarkable work of the copper lamps caught his attention and became his source of inspiration to create his Easter egg.
While working on the egg, I imagined myself as a coppersmith for a moment, trying my best to draw the egg in a way that the light that passes through it made it look alive.” says Jean Lachenal.

Easter 2020 : chocolate in all its forms

And voila, just like magic! Made of milk chocolate from Ghana and dusted with a golden powder, the upper part of this egg unveils delicate black truffles and small eggs to top it off with a few extra treats. The base of the egg is a chocolate bar filled with crispy hazelnut praline.

To add to this delicacy, our Pastry Chef imagined an All Chocolate Afternoon Tea:
Chocolate sorbet with crispy chunks
Baked bananas topped with crackling chocolate
Intense cocoa cake filled with homemade hazelnut paste
Chocolate, caramel and pecan cookies with fleur de sel
Chocolate éclair
Chocolate soufflé tartlet
Slice of exotic entremet or hot chocolate vanilla profiterole
Happy Easter!