15 August 2019
Art and Culture

Riads, traditional accommodation for your stay in Marrakesh

Staying in a riad is the best way to enjoy a setting worthy of the tales of Arabian Nights while on holiday in Marrakech. A riad is a traditional house that is specific to Morocco. You will only see the facades of the riads when walking in the medina, but architectural treasures are hidden behind these great walls. Riads provide the perfect accommodation if you are looking for privacy and a cool place to stay on sunny days in Marrakech. This is why Royal Mansour Marrakech has developed a unique offer where rooms and suites are replaced by 53 private riads, each more luxurious than the last.


Traditionally, a riad is a house that is centred around an open-air patio, allowing you to enjoy natural sunshine. These cool and verdant patios are often filled with plants and decorated with fountains or ponds.

The riad’s other rooms all face the bright patio centrepiece. It is surrounded by a few alcoves (bhou) in which you can enjoy some cool shade when the sun and heat are out.
Riads are usually composed of one or more floors. These are home to the bedrooms, rooms of rest and relaxation which emanate a feeling of well-being.

The roof of the riad houses a terrace that also acts as a solarium for sunbathing.
The private riads of the Royal Mansour Marrakech follow this style of Moroccan architecture. Our guests can enjoy a change of scenery and discover Moroccan expertise.


A riad is the perfect place to explore the expertise of Moroccan craftspeople. Carved wooden ceilings, zelliges that adorn the floor, walls or even tables, tadelakt that covers the walls, wooden alcoves and fountains: all these elements celebrate the meticulous work of many craftspeople, creating a beautiful setting.

At Royal Mansour Marrakech, we pay special attention to even the smallest details so that our guests can discover the finesse of this ancient craft. Immerse yourself fully in Moroccan culture.