21 February 2024
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Ramadan ftour in Marrakech: Royal Mansour celebrates the culinary diversity of the Morocco’s regions

A long-awaited break for Muslims, Ramadan is a period of fasting and prayer during which the purification of the body and soul is mixed with moments of sharing and conviviality, notably around the ftour table. This meal to break the fast during Ramadan is a great opportunity to discover the delights of Moroccan cuisine. This year, during the holy month, the Royal Mansour Marrakech is proud to honor the culinary traditions of Morocco’s diverse regions. Guests are invited on a weekly journey full of flavors, accompanied by traditional Moroccan music showcasing the incredible diversity of Moroccan cuisine. Whether you are a resident of Marrakech or just visiting the Ochre City during Ramadan 2024, treat yourself to a delicious ftour, served this year at La Grande Table Marocaine, the Palace’s iconic Moroccan restaurant.


Each week of Ramadan, a different culinary journey

La Grande Table Marocaine at Royal Mansour Marrakech is a unique venue where Moroccan hospitality and art of living are celebrated. As you break your fast, the best Moroccan restaurant in Marrakech takes you to explore the different regions of the Kingdom. Thus, each week of Ramadan, a region is showcased, respectively the regions of Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez and Tangier.
Along with Ramadan essentials such as chebbakiamsemens, eggs with khliî, and the famous briouates, the ftour menu offers a gastronomic journey through each region of the country with dishes that represent their unique culinary traditions: beef or sea bream tangia on the Marrakchi menu, chicken rfissa on the Bidaoui menu, chourba fassia with chicken and vegetables on the Fassi menu, or fish balls tagine on the Chamali menu. Each week’s ftour menu has been carefully created by the Royal Mansour Marrakech’s Chefs, in the pure Moroccan tradition to let you discover all the flavours of Morocco.
animation musicale royal mansour marrakech

A ftour in Marrakech set to an authentic musical atmosphere

The Royal Mansour Marrakech celebrates Ramadan through various musical animations. For the 2024 edition, you can enjoy an all-musical programme to offer a diverse and delightful experience. During the first two weeks, the group “Joudour” will enchant you with its sweet Andalusian melodies during the breaking of the fast. The last two weeks of the holy month, the group “Les Tétouannaises” will introduce you to the typical music and repertoire of Fez and Tetouan. And to enrich the musical experience, an Arabo-Andalusian trio will enhance your Ramadan evenings in Marrakech every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9pm in the hotel lobby.

Ramadan delicacies to order online!

Along with the ftour served at La Grande Table Marocaine, the Chefs of the Royal Mansour Marrakech have concocted sweet delights for you to order online at the gourmet boutique. Indulge in the must-try chebbakia Royal Mansour style with orange blossom and pure honey, the irresistible spiced sellou or the famous Moroccan pastries.
To enjoy a delicious Ramadan ftour in Marrakech, look no further than La Grande Table Marocaine. A timeless experience, where sharing, conviviality and pleasure await you.

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