18 May 2020

Le Jardin of Royal Mansour Marrakech playlist by Béatrice Ardisson

In order to create a new musical identity for Le Jardin Royal Mansour Marrakech once again turned to the musical curator Béatrice Ardisson. She sees this timeless place as an imaginary island floating in the heart of Marrakech, with a seaside atmosphere. For the shores of «Marrakech Island», Béatrice has selected music that evokes the world’s most iconic places.


In Brazil, on tropical islands, among the coastal idylls of Africa and Asia, and in Mediterranean coves, she has found rhythms that charm every hour spent around the pool, in the garden and beneath the restaurant’s pergolas.
Calm light-heartedness in the morning, idle afternoons, then happy hours and romantic or wild evenings. Selected sound effects add to the musical soundtrack, creating a wholly original sonic world.
Close your eyes and let be transported to Le Jardin where spring has given life to lush and colorful vegetation, with scents of jasmine and other exotical flowers.
Welcome to «Marrakech Island»!