Because it is important to keep fit during quarantine, our wellbeing experts recommend having a physical activity at home to maintain your body balance and flexibility. Boost your immune system with Hollie Grant’ tips, Pilates teacher, consultant for the Spa Royal Mansour Marrakech. Every wednesday, our consultants will share with you their advices to keep fit and healthy at home, awaiting to welcome you back to the Spa Royal Mansour.

Hollie Grant, Pilates instructor and sport coach

Founder of the “Pilates PT Method” and owner of two Pilates studios in London, Hollie is one of the most qualified sports coaches in the UK. She is known for her motivation to redefine people’s relationships with their bodies and make them love exercise that she believes is the key to improve mental and physical health.

Pilates workout sessions you can do at home

Her method is simple and accessible to all with the promise of developing the body harmoniously, correcting bad postures, restoring physical vitality and improving self-awareness for a healthy mind in a healthy body. All you need to do is to roll out your Yoga mat and enjoy your session, in front of your screen, under the encouragement of Hollie!