Le Jardin: a peaceful haven in the heart of the Ochre City

At the foot of the ramparts, in the western part of the medina, the palace’s lush landscaped garden expands this sweet living universe. Under the infinite blue Marrakesh sky, an idyllic lush setting spread over a little more than 2 and a half hectares of garden soothingly envelop you. Le Jardin at Royal Mansour is the perfect setting for a day by the pool in Marrakesh.

By the pool, a luxuriant vegetation by Luis Vallejo

Born from water the dessert, Marrakesh is an oasis with infinitely precious gardens… Bequeathed with great Arab-Andalusian tradition, Le Jardin at Royal Mansour Marrakech pays tribute to the palm grove to which it owes its being. It is the word of Spanish landscape architect Luis Vallejo, who was inspired by paradise on earth. A new extension, unveiled in spring 2021, includes an herb garden, an organic vegetable orchard and an artist’s residence. Not to mention the varieties of trees and plants carefully selected by Luis Vallejo for their natural integration into the environment and gardens of Marrakech.

Arab-Andalusian harmony under the open sky

Spanish landscape designer Luis Vallejo has taken inspiration from the traditional irrigation system to create an abundant and healthy garden. Here, shades of vegetation sing a hymn to the art of great Ochre City gardens. Romantic kiosks, geometric flowerbeds, palm trees delicately floating in the air, birds singing: an awakening for the senses.
Water tirelessly trickles along the canals and fountains. This source of life and spiritually soother rooted in the Al Andalus garden tradition holds a central place in Le Jardin Royal Mansour. Its hypnotic murmur will follow you as you float around in a dream and immerse the depths of your being.

From the organic vegetable garden to the bio-aromatic patch: a universe of unparalleled pleasures

Colourful, fragrant, enchanting… in Le Jardin’s new vegetable garden, organic in-season vegetables are grown. Freshly picked organic carrots, cardoons, turnips, broccoli, aubergines, or broad beans are delicately prepared by the Royal Mansour Chefs and offered in flavourful and nutritious recipes for pleasure and well-being.
Medicinal plants, cultivated in the new bio-aromatic garden, are used in infusions and other decoctions enjoyed by guests as part of a well-being programme at the Royal Mansour Spa. Rosemary, lavender, sage, and mint are infused to detoxify and purify the body.

The Artist Residence: when art becomes therapy!

Nestled in the gardens of the Royal Mansour and housed in a glass greenhouse, the artist’s studio offers guests a new experience: art therapy! From painting, pottery, calligraphy to body expression, like a true artist you will give free rein to your creativity through a new form of expression both playful and therapeutic. In this unique setting, each session begins with a mediation phase to reconnect your body to your mind with the guidance of an Art Therapist.

A swimming pool in Marrakesh for intrinsic luxury-lovers

Ideal at any time, the main swimming pool of the Royal Mansour Marrakech blends harmoniously into the luxuriant garden. Sun loungers, shaded terraces, and sand-coloured furniture surround this idyllic 30-metre-long, 20-metre-wide pool. A refuge to escape, socialise and wind down in.

In the fresh pavilions by the swimming pool

Next to the pool, seven private pavilions from 45 sqm to 80 sqm allow you to relax in sweet intimacy. Modernly designed, the terrace that opens onto the pool and air-conditioned lounge is a comfortable and fresh refuge, particularly enjoyed on hot summer days…

Relaxing pool day in Marrakech

Le Jardin Royal Mansour provides access to the hotel swimming pool to day guests. The exclusive experience is perfect for all those looking for complete serenity in an unforgettable setting. An opportunity for couples, families and friends alike to treasure time together.
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Le Jardin restaurant bar :
embrace relaxation

Le Jardin restaurant, right amidst the vegetation, will satisfy your indulgent desires with its Asian and Mediterranean-inspired flavor festival. Fresh dishes, grill specialities and festive tapas will thrill your taste buds. As night falls, a musical atmosphere envelops Le Jardin bar and starts the night off in lounge-mode friendly spirit.
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Le Jardin : opening hours

The pool is open from 09:30am to 6:30pm to both guests and non-residents. Le Jardin restaurant is open every day for lunch from 12:00pm to 4:30pm throughout the year.
Free day pass for children under 6 years old. 50% discount for children aged 6 to 12.

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Exceptional detail in plant harmony

Botanical treatments, expert gestures and little extras around the Royal Mansour Marrakech pool echo the dreamlike beauty of Luis Vallejo’s garden design. The landscaper of this magical place took the greatest care in creating and making the most of space, fragrances, colour combinations, textural marriages and light and shade effects. Gardeners, chefs and waiters work at magnifying the glorious setting they have been entrusted with to make an eternal and vibrant Eden of it every day.
Precise gestures, original accessories, a kind word, delicate orange blossom fragrance and a cocktail in hand to help you reach perfect harmony make every instant near the pool a little more magic.
All of the elements come seamlessly together to reveal the almost natural perfection of the setting. Here, you can completely let go…
We share the culture of the gardens of Alhambra; connection with the divine stems from connection with nature.” Luis Vallejo