17 May 2019
Art and Culture

Yves Saint Laurent Museum Marrakech: a setting at the service of art

During your stay at the Royal Mansour, take some time to discover the wealth of cultural life in Marrakech. Contemporary and/or traditional artists are always holding exhibitions at the numerous galleries, and cultural manifestations are organized regularly. The Ochre City is also the home of various different museums, among which one of the most recent is the Yves Saint Laurent Museum. Opened late in 2017, it has already won a prize at the Design Awards and is regularly cited among the must-visit places in Marrakech.


The Yves Saint Laurent Museum is conceived for a varied public consisting of art lovers and those who are simply curious. The building covers 4,000m² and is located close to the Majorelle Garden, where the famous fashion designer lived in Marrakech.

The museum holds numerous different spaces:

  • An exhibition room is devoted to the creations and universe of Yves Saint Laurent. You can see specific pieces from his collections elegantly enhanced by the staging of Christophe Martin. These pieces are regularly changed in order to ensure the optimal preservation of these unique clothes, and also to enable regular visitors to discover different designs. This room covers a floor area of 400m² and also lets you dive into the designer’s sources of inspiration via sketches, films, audio sequences, etc.;
  • Travelling exhibitions enable visitors to appreciate different artistic creations by artists from varied universes. Painting, sculpture; botany, anthropology: no privileges are given to any kind of artistic discipline in the choice of travelling exhibitions, in order to show visitors the wealth and variety of art;
  • The research library is one of the jewels of the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech, holding 5,000 books, some of which are extremely old.


On the outside the building that holds the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech catches our attention with the subtle combination based on straight lines and curves, paying tribute to the designer’s work. We owe this surprising, intriguing and spellbinding work to Studio KO. In January 2018 it won the prize for the “best new public building” at the Design Awards, organized by the Wallpaper design magazine.

Art therefore holds its place on the outside of the building, conceived as a beautiful and unique setting for the different creations which are brought to reside in the museum on a permanent basis or for the time that a travelling exhibition lasts.