The Spa Royal Mansour is entirely dedicated to well-being and beauty. Its unique setting and numerous innovations have earned prestigious and internationally renowned awards. Striving to always provide the very best to its guests, the Spa Royal Mansour is welcoming internationally renowned Ayurvedic therapist, Suraj Varma, from March 31st to April 18th, 2021. Through his technique and practice, Suraj Varma is going to help bring your body, balance, relaxation, and positive energy.

Suraj Varma, Ayurvedic therapist

From Indian origin, Suraj Varma practises ancestral healing techniques in Ayurvedic medicine that he has learned from his family. He has furthered his knowledge by doing a postgraduate degree in Ayurvedic studies in a prestigious hospital in the state of Kerala in India. He was able to work alongside the best specialists in this age-old technique. In the past few years, he has been freelancing and sharing his expertise in some of the biggest hotels worldwide, where he provides positive energy to help with self-healing and well-being in general.

The different treatments offered by Suraj Varma at the Spa Royal Mansour

Several Ayurvedic aromatherapy treatments by Suraj Varma will be available at the Spa Royal Mansour from March 31st to April 18th, 2021:

7-Day Ayurvedic treatment package

Customized Ayurvedic treatment package that begins with a consultation and a lifestyle guidance with Suraj Varma, then continues with a daily 90-minute personalized treatment. The Ayurvedic purification program is a well-planned course which evolves over a week – 1 hour and 45 minutes per day- and features a blend of anti-stress and relaxation therapies to detox your body and strengthen your immune system.
Daily – 1 hour 45 minutes | MAD 20 160

Kerala Karma

The Kerala Karma 90-minute treatment consists of a body scrub, warm shower followed by a nourishing Ayurvedic massage called Brahmanam. The session ends with a soothing facial to ensure maximum relaxation that will reboost your energy.
90 minutes | MAD 3200

Ayurvedic Deep Tissue massage

A 75-minute session that provides complete relaxation. This treatment is perfect for anyone who suffers from tension or pain from bad posture.
75 minutes | MAD 2900

Ayurvedic Holistic Balancing

During two hours, this intensive treatment helps rebalance the Tridoshas (Vatha, Pitha, Kapha), the three vital energies that manage all living organisms. After the scrub, there is a massage that rebalances the body and mind by using hot stones and oils, followed by an Indian head massage.
120 minutes | MAD 3900

Reflexology and Indian head massage

For 50 minutes, these two back-to-back massages will help boost your energy and provide optimal relaxation. The reflexology starts by releasing your blocked energies improving your blood flow. Then head and face massage will maximize relaxation.
50 minutes | MAD 2500

Indulge in the benefits of these treatments at the Spa Royal Mansour

Those age-old Indian techniques have proven for thousand of years to be perfect tools for meditating and relaxing. An incredible experience to be discovered in the serene and luxurious setting of the Spa Royal Mansour, available to our guests staying at the hotel and to our Spa visitors.

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