In its perpetual desire to offer the best of the well-being world, the Spa Royal Mansour has partnered with the Swiss brand Dr Burgener to offer a collection of high-end regenerative treatments.

Anti-ageing technology at the service of natural beauty

Founded in 1955, the Dr Burgener brand is a family affair and the result of a joint effort between Marc Burgener, a renowned clinical surgeon, and Pauline Burgener, a passionate biologist. As a reference in luxury cosmetics in Switzerland, Dr Burgener Spa treatments brilliantly combine cutting-edge technology and natural active ingredients.

Contemporary values for a contemporary brand

Personalization, naturalness, and sustainability: these are the primary values of Dr Burgener. To best meet the specific needs of its customers, the brand essentially offers paraben-free, colour-free, and fragrance-free, natural products from socially responsible cooperatives. These products are all offered in aesthetically pleasing microfibre bags, reducing the brand’s ecological footprint.

Advanced protocols drawn from the quintessence of luxury

Using the most advanced technologies for a detailed skin analysis, Dr Burgener offers the Spa Royal Mansour protocols inspired by the secrets of nature: Luxury Green Caviar with pearls from Okinawa, the island of eternal youth, Swiss Anti-Aging Jewel treatment based on premium honey from Alpine beehives, not to mention the Collagen Firming treatment, the Pure Skin Swiss Salts Detox Package, the Million Dollar Look facial for men and, last but not least, the anti-oxidant Chardonnay Grapes treatment, extracted from the vines used in the production of the noblest champagnes.

Shared values for a strong partnership

Driven by shared values of refinement and exclusivity, Dr Burgener and Royal Mansour Marrakech place perfect service and customer satisfaction at the heart of their daily concerns. Pauline Burgener, founder of the Dr Burgener brand states: “I am delighted with the partnership of my brand Dr Burgener Switzerland with the Royal Mansour of Marrakech. Our collaboration has been built on a genuine agreement on our vision of authentic luxury.” She adds: “Our mission is to understand the client’s needs before they comprehend them and to offer them our Swiss excellence. We want to offer Royal Mansour clients the ultimate experience in personalised skin care.

Dr Burgener, available in several high-end hotels around the world, is exclusively offered in Morocco at the Spa Royal Mansour, thus positioned as a true reference in the world of well-being.

Luxury Green Caviar treatment by Dr Burgener
90 min | MAD 4000
Swiss anti-aging Jewel treatment by Dr Burgener
75 min | MAD 3500
Million Dollar Look treatment for men by Dr Burgener
90 min | MAD 3600