16 April 2020

A perfect body and mind balance with Isaac Vidjrakou!

To help you face the current lockdown situation and to learn how to have a healthy lifestyle, check out our wellness experts’ advices on nutrition, physical activities or mental and spiritual health.
Isaac Vidjrakou, holistic therapist, consultant for the Spa Royal Mansour Marrakech, will help you reconnect with your inner well-being through breathing and meditation techniques easy to do for all.


A world-renowned holistic therapist and yoga teacher, Isaac Vidjrakou is the founder of Metholistic, a unique therapeutic concept, where mind, body and energy system are treated together, as a whole. He also created Saki massages that combine the virtues of the best ancestral Asian and oriental techniques. His goal is to connect with the core of the visible and invisible needs and help his patients pass beyond obstacles that slow down their inner development.


Isaac Vidjrakou offers you practical advices to follow at home, a meditation session and gives you some breathing exercises to discharge your system of stress and regulate your anxiety. His approach will help you ease your tensions, purify your body and rebalance your energies!