3 October 2022
Royal Mansour news, Well-Being

New Cactéa treatments marocMAROC at the Spa Royal Mansour

For a unique and unprecedented spa experience in Marrakech, look no further than the Spa Royal Mansour. It offers you the ultimate wellbeing experience, in an exceptional setting, transporting you to a resplendently gentle zen atmosphere, through different scents and textures. The range of spa treatments is constantly enhanced with renowned brands: Leonor Greyl, Intraceuticals, Sisley, Dr. Burgener or marocMaroc, to name but a few. The marocMaroc brand takes you back in time as you discover the ancestral traditions of the Kingdom. From body care to face care and hair care, indulge yourself in marocMaroc’s beauty products.


The rituals of the traditional Moroccan hammam are popular all over the world! With its products meticulously made from natural ingredients, the cosmetic brand marocMaroc is a real invitation to travel, plunging you into a world of elegance and poetry. Moroccan nature is sublimated in timeless and authentic marocMaroc products, such as argan, orange blossom, almond, rose.

marocMaroc products are constantly being improved, revisited, reformulated, taking into account expectations and needs, while also taking into account all scientific and legislative developments in the field of cosmetics. It is therefore quite natural that the Spa Royal Mansour offers this modern and chic brand that dispenses with tradition! There is no time to waste to discover Cactéa, the new well-ageing range from marocMaroc. This anti-ageing treatment is suitable for all skin types and is ideal for preventing skin ageing.


The Cactéa range from marocMaroc draws its uniqueness from its active ingredient: the prickly pear. Highly concentrated in vitamin E and essential fatty acids such as omega 6, prickly pear has a very effective anti-oxidant action and protects effectively against premature skin ageing. Cactéa products are concentrates of active ingredients with moisturising and nourishing properties. They are non-comedogenic, non-photosensitive, and offer a major advantage: they are suitable for all skin types. To enjoy all these benefits for your skin, visit the Spa Royal Mansour where the three new treatments that make up the Cactéa line are available.


Yield to the richness and softness of the Cactéa range from the marocMaroc brand, by testing one of the three treatments offered at the Spa Royal Mansour.

Cactea Signature facial

For an exceptional ceremony, this 75-minute facial treatment deeply relaxes the body and mind, and reveals the radiance of your complexion. One thing is certain: you will come out of it feeling totally rested.

Cactéa Energising facial

This 60-minute soothing ritual gently activates the lymphatic circulation, detoxifies and rehydrates the epidermis. The skin regains its freshness and great radiance of the complexion.

Cactéa revitalising treatment

This 60-minute anti-ageing treatment is perfect for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and restoring the skin’s radiance. As a facial gymnastics, it helps to sculpt the contours, plump up and smooth out the tissues.