20 April 2022
Royal Mansour news, Well-Being

Meeting with a naturopath osteopath at the Spa Royal Mansour

Established as a destination of its own, the Spa Royal Mansour is a peaceful haven perfected by scents and natural lights. Entirely dedicated to wellness and beauty, the Spa has received numerous awards and distinctions celebrating its performances. Always keen to offer its clients the best experience possible, the Spa at Royal Mansour opens its doors to internationally recognised practitioner. Ana Mattos, osteopath and naturopath specialised in massages and biomechanical therapy, shares her knowledge and expertise from May 2nd to 14th,2022.


Based in London, this British College of Osteopathic Medicine laureate is a renowned osteopath and naturopath, specialised in sports massages, biomechanics of the movements and biodynamic cranial osteopathy. Her master’s degree in paediatric osteopathy confers the proper qualification to offer profound wellness to children and pregnant women. Her gentle and balancing practice encourages relaxation for adults as well as children.


Ana Mattos offers a wide range of treatments at the Spa Royal Mansour:

Dry Needling

This 60 or 90-minute treatment involves acupuncture needles in targeted zones to stimulate blood circulation and prevent or relieve muscle and joint pain.

Sport Massage Therapy

This 60-minute therapeutic massage targets deep tissues, such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia. It is ideal to prevent and treat sports’ injuries and increase physical performance.

Pregnancy Post-Partum Massage

This personalised 60 or 90-minute massage is dedicated to pregnant women regardless of their pregnancy stage. It allows relief from any discomfort associated with their condition and allows muscle relaxation. This massage also presents several benefits for women going through post-partum.

Paediatric osteopathy

Especially designed for new-borns and children aged 0 to 18 months, this 60-minute paediatric osteopathy session is recommended to maintain the physical balance of toddlers. This session focuses on the treatment of bad postures and potential consequences of frequent falls, in order to avoid any instability in the musculoskeletal structure.

Structural and cranial osteopathy

This session focuses on treating guests of all ages suffering from conditions such as back and neck pain or arthritis, related to the spine, joints, ligaments, connective tissue, and internal organs. In order to relieve the patients from their pain, the therapist uses a series of techniques from deep tissue massage, joint manipulation, and mobilization, stretching and exercising as well as biodynamic cranial osteopathy.


The practice of osteopathy is ideal to prevent and treat muscle and joint tension as well as to optimize musculoskeletal and general health by treating structural and mechanical imbalances and dysfunctions. Gentle and efficient at once, osteopathy has proven its miraculous benefits on the body when practiced by highly skilled therapists. The Spa Royal Mansour invites resident and non-staying guests to unravel the secrets of this very particular wellness approach.