11 May 2020

Inside Royal Mansour’s soul with Béatrice Ardisson playlist

Béatrice Ardisson has mastered the art of matching places with music. Le Royal Mansour was bound to inspire her. Music may be her mainstay, but she feels equally at home in the worlds of fashion and grand luxury hotels. Her special skill lies in choosing exactly the right track for the right place and time, drawing on a deep well of musical knowledge.

Cover versions are her specialty, and she casts her net wide to find off-kilter recordings, or sometimes makes her own. Her preference is for the lesser-known, the rare and the quirky; for all the digital eclecticism of modern life, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of an unexpected cover version.


For Royal Mansour Marrakech, she took Arab music old and new as her guiding thread. She added in classical and swing pieces, designing a sequence as soothing as the tinkling of the fountains that rises up to guests reading peacefully on the library’s first floor terrace. Because the Royal Mansour is a place that sparkles with life, her mix moves freely between styles.
Each week, we will share with you the playlist that Béatrice Ardisson has selected for you and which is inspired by the most emblematic places of the Marrakchi Palace. Tonight, we meet at the Royal Mansour Marrakech Lobby!

Fortunately, music knows no boundaries!
I hope that you all are keeping safe. During this strange time where we all locked down, I would like to share with you the Royal Mansour’s music; may these sounds make you travel to Marrakech!
Let’s start with the Lobby.
Bon voyage! BA