12 May 2022
Royal Mansour news, Well-Being

A holistic experience at the Spa Royal Mansour Marrakech

The Spa Royal Mansour, perfected by natural lights within a deep immaculate white atrium and circled by a citrus garden, rises on three levels. Home to a hammam, 10 treatment rooms, 3 spa suites and a heated swimming pool, it welcomes its visitors in a peaceful and rejuvenating environment. Since its opening in 2010, the Spa Royal Mansour has been a destination of its own, dedicated to well-being with quality services, and has received two international awards and distinctions.

The Spa Royal Mansour welcomes an exceptional therapist and introduces new treatments. Holistic therapist Isaac Vidjrakou will provide precious care to the guests of the Spa Royal Mansour from May 17 to 30, 2022.


Of African origin, Isaac Vidjrakou was born in Barcelona, Spain. This world-renowned yoga instructor and therapist, specialises in Saki massages which he designed. These massage techniques are a combination of the finest ancestral practices from all over Asia. He has taken on the mission of helping each human being who expresses the need or desire to do so to unravel the path that will enable him or her to move beyond the visible or invisible obstacles standing in the way of his or her inner development.


This holistic therapist who masters millenary techniques from the Indian, Thai, Indonesian, and Chinese cultures, offers 60 or 90-minute sessions, as desired, for a reconnection with one’s body and mind through meditation and complete well-being.

Saki massage

The Saki massage by Isaac Vidjrakou enables you to experience a moment of pure delight for the senses. This massage combines techniques from various origins to ensure total relaxation of the body and freedom from all forms of stress.

Chi Nei Tsang

The abdomen is where all imbalances gather. With the Chi Nei Tsang treatment, inspired from traditional Taoist medicine in China, the “Chi” -or energy- specific to each organ in the abdominal area is treated to free the body from physical or emotional toxicities.

Shamanic Mudra Healing

This treatment, practiced through a specific position of the fingers and hands, stimulates and unifies vital energies by eliminating blockages. It brings harmony to the body and mind for a feeling of inner peace and balance.

Art of breathing

“Pranayama” or deep abdominal breathing is used in this treatment to achieve optimal relaxation while toning the body. The body is completely oxygenated, and the organism is cleansed.


Experiencing a session with Isaac Vidjrakou is an intense holistic journey from which you will emerge completely serene and balanced. Vital energies are realigned, and the body reconnects serenely with the mind.

The Spa Royal Mansour opens its doors to all, in-house guests or visitors, to meet with exceptional practitioners and on-site consultants but also throughout the year for all the treatments offered on the spa menu. A wonderful opportunity to indulge oneself in these relaxation rendezvous.