Royal Mansour Collection: maisons of hotel excellence in Morocco

Royal Mansour
Royal mansour

More than luxury hotels in Morocco, Royal Mansour is a philosophy, values and state of mind, born out of a desire to enhance your hotel experience in the Kingdom. Each establishment is unique, designed to ensure that your stay in Morocco is an experience you will always remember. You set down your luggage in hotels rooted in their destination, embodying the very finest in art, excellence and elegance. The most beautiful way of capturing the essence of Morocco, embracing its vibrations and bringing out the best in it.

Royal Mansour Marrakech: a medina as a setting

Embracing Moroccan traditions in a private riad of unparalleled refinement. Escaping to the intimacy of a legendary spa. Indulging your senses in the culinary delights of Michelin-starred chefs. Welcome to one of the finest hotels in Africa and the world. An iconic location, offering a unique concept of a traditional medina. A Moroccan palace like no other, the Royal Mansour Marrakech holds a place in the hearts of many travellers, the curious and the habitués alike.

Royal Mansour Casablanca: the rebirth of a myth

Casablanca. 27 avenue des Forces Armées Royales. In the heart of the iconic Art Deco district of Sidi Belyout. An emblematic monument to Modern Art from the 1950s has been reborn to sublimate the hotel experience in the white city. Welcome to your new luxury home in Casablanca. Transformed with the utmost respect for its historic DNA, this sparkling jewel awaits you to continue writing its history.

Royal Mansour Tamuda Bay: daydreaming on the Mediterranean

The third hotel in the Royal Mansour collection dazzles in the north of Morocco, where continents converge, civilisations interact and histories merge. Breathe in the sea spray. Feel the gentle breeze sweep over you. Let yourself be carried away by carefreeness. In this new beachfront resort, nestled discreetly on Tamuda Bay between Tetouan and Tangier, you'll be enveloped by a blissful seaside experience.

The Royal Mansour hotel collection: an exclusive interpretation of the art of hosting

Casablanca or Marrakech. Whatever your destination and the palace of your choice, a signature, a style, a warmth is instantly brought to you. They are expressed through service and attention, given with art and discretion. These details, which are the work of our butlers, housekeepers and talented staff, recapture an art of hosting deeply rooted in Moroccan culture.

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