10 June 2023
Gastronomy, Royal Mansour news

50 Best Restaurants, two tables of the Royal Mansour Marrakech in the 2023 list!

The prestigious ’50 Best’ has just unveiled the list of the best restaurants in 2023, and it is with pride that the Royal Mansour Marrakech has seen two of its tables join the ranking. This distinction thus places La Grande Table Marocaine and Sesamo among the 50 best restaurants in the Middle East and North Africa… As such, if you are looking for a unique, original place where you can enjoy a tasty and authentic cuisine, head to one of the best restaurants in Marrakech, at the Royal Mansour!


Considered as the Oscars of gastronomy, ‘The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ as its name indicates lists the 50 best restaurants in the world. This ranking is based on an evaluation of more than 1000 culinary experts (star chefs, culinary critics…). Launched in 2002, 50 Best has highlighted certain regions of the world, particularly Asia and Latin America.

The MENA region’s ranking is therefore in its second edition. The ceremony held in Abu Dhabi bore witness to the listing of establishments that stand out for the quality, finesse, but also the originality of their cuisine. A cuisine that is certainly worth a visit.

Renowned for its high-end service and exquisite tables, the Royal Mansour Marrakech stands out in this latest Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants. La Grande Table Marocaine and Sesamo are thus among the best restaurants in Morocco but also in the MENA region!

La Grande Table Marocaine, the best of Moroccan gastronomy

Looking to dine in the best Moroccan restaurant in Marrakech? Head to La Grande Table Marocaine! It is the one place that brings together the richness of Moroccan culture’s 1000 colors and the tradition and finesse of its cuisine in a majestic and enchanting place.

Chef Karim Benbaba takes great pride in sublimating Moroccan gastronomy, adding a touch of originality that you will not find anywhere else. Quality and seasonal ingredients chosen with care, and rich flavors from Moroccan terroirs… La Grande Table Marocaine has a real culinary identity. It is therefore not surprising that this (always rising) star has joined the closed circle of the 50 Best, reaching 27th place in the ranking of the best restaurants in the MENA region in 2023.

Sesamo, where all of Italy is told to you

The Sesamo restaurant offers a new concept of Italian cuisine. Opened in 2019, it is certainly the best Italian restaurant in the Ocher City. Sesamo has been thought, designed and imagined by the Massimiliano and Raffaele Alajmo brothers… who account for 5 stars in the famous Michelin guide for their 8 restaurants. The Chef, a real “Mozart” of cooking, invites you to enjoy Italian gastronomic delights in a sumptuous Venetian decor. Crispy langoustine rolls, saffron risotto, beef with white truffle… Your taste buds will remember it for a long time! Sesamo enters the 50 Best ranking for the first time and occupies the 39th place.


If you are passing through Marrakech for vacation or business or simply to have a good time, Royal Mansour is must-see. With its different dining spaces, you can choose from a wide range of delicious dishes. From a simple tea break to a typical Moroccan gastronomic meal, the Royal Mansour Marrakech will take you to an exceptional world.

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