Our environmental policy

The Management at the Royal Mansour Marrakech aware of its activities and their environmental impact has decided to take an active approach in protecting the environment, in preserving natural resources and in being proactive in sustainable tourism.
The Royal Mansour Marrakech will be among the hotels pioneering an approach using environmental considerations as a cornerstone in management decisions. In order to reach its objectives, the hotel management has drawn up the following guidelines:
  • Staff awareness: inducing better environmental practices by using and applying green measures at work and in daily life;
  • Environmental management: use of environmental techniques/methods and natural products in the maintenance of green spaces and sanitaries;
  • Efficient waste management: selective recycling, shredding and composting of organic waste;
  • Sensible water management: tracking of water consumption, drip irrigation watering system, maintenance and control of swimming pool water, sanitation equipment equipped with water saver systems;
  • Energy management: LED lighting, heat recovery ventilation units, motion lighting detectors, low-emissivity glazing and electronic monitoring system;
  • Greenhouse gas reduction: use of biomass boilers, staff transit transportation, etc.
In order to be as successful as possible, the Royal Mansour Marrakech has put in place a Green Club steering committee, in charge of applying these new green approaches.
Our staff, suppliers and guests are invited to join us and take part in this ambitious social project. Now, more than ever, the protection of the planet is a matter of concern for each and every one of us.