Wellness programmes A new reinterpretation of well-being

At the Royal Mansour Marrakech, well-being is not just a promise but an almost intuitive vocation that makes each wellness stay a rare and unique experience. Designed to give you the perfect escape you’ve been longing for, our wellness programmes meet your every need. Whatever your objective, we offer you the most beautiful setting to begin your personal transformation.

Unique wellness programmes in Marrakech

With its four fully tailor-made wellness programmes, the Spa Royal Mansour Marrakech gives you all the keys you need to boost your health. Whether you want to eliminate toxins, recharge your batteries, lose weight or simply disconnect, these programmes, designed over three, five, seven or fourteen days, these programmes can be booked independently or as part of a wellness stay at the Royal Mansour Marrakech.

Wellness consultants: a multi-disciplinary team at your service

Some encounters are life changing. As these moments are rare and undeniably precious, our wellness experts and sports coaches in Marrakech are delighted to create them with you. From wellness consultations to spa treatments and physical training, our team will fully support and guide you through every stage of your rebirth.

A unique wellness experience in the heart of Marrakech

A wellness programme is already an experience in itself, and the talents of the Royal Mansour Marrakech are always keen to enhance it. Consultants, therapists, sports coaches and nutritionists work in unison to lay the foundations for positive and lasting improvement. True to their holistic approach, they take excellence to the extreme, down to the smallest detail. With delicate attention and expert advice, everyday life, routine and stress are quickly forgotten.

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