25 June 2019

What can I do to prepare my skin for summer?

It is such a pleasure to feel rays of sunshine on your skin and bask in the heat by the pool! But be careful not to expose yourself too suddenly or you may risk sunburn or skin damage. Sun exposure prepares you for a beautiful, even tan that will enhance your complexion. Before your summer holiday at The Royal Mansour Marrakech, here are some tips for beautiful skin all summer long!

Keep your skin hydrated throughout the year

Your skin needs to be moisturised throughout the year to withstand the aggressions of cold winters and summer sun. Keep your skin hydrated by applying moisturising creams to your face and body. But this beauty ritual alone is not enough. Your diet should also supply your skin with all the water it needs. It is therefore essential to drink enough water during the day and eat fruit and vegetables with a high water content.

Exfoliate your body

Body scrubs are essential for preparing your skin for summer. It is important to exfoliate all dead skin before exposing yourself to the sun for the first time. This treatment will prepare you for a radiant, even tan. 

No time for a body scrub before your trip to Marrakech? Take the opportunity to discover one of our traditional hammam rituals: the scrub with black soap. Experience this ancient ritual at the Royal Mansour Marrakech spa in an idyllic setting. Discover the beauty secrets of Moroccan women who have passed down these hammam traditions from generation to generation.

Take a course of vitamins and antioxidants

Our lifestyle today is impacting our diet. It is not always balanced enough and may lack essential elements for our skin. A course of dietary supplements rich in vitamins and antioxidants will help to overcome these deficiencies. Antioxidants are also beneficial against signs of skin ageing.

Don’t forget to use sun protection

Even once you have taken these steps to prepare yourself for sun exposure, your skin must be protected. Applying sunscreen is essential to prevent the sun from damaging your skin: sunburn, premature raging, etc.
It is also important not to expose yourself to the sun for too long. At the edge of the swimming pool at the Royal Mansour Marrakech you will find shaded spaces, allowing you to enjoy the exceptional climate while protecting you from the sun’s rays.