25 May 2020

The universe of the Spa Royal Mansour in music with Béatrice Ardisson!

Nothing better to relax! Forget the bright lights, avoid the darkness andopt for a subdued light atmosphere and if you have a scent diffuser at home; awake your olfactory senses with delicate and soothing fragrances.
After “Marrakech Island” playlist, we invite you, today, to discover the sounds of nature with Béatrice Ardisson’s playlist created for the Spa Royal Mansour. The breeze in the trees, the sound of flowing water, the song of birds, so many sounds to reconnect with nature.


The variety of landscapes, lights and colors, the poetry of the seasons, all the charms that enchant our ears every day have often been recreated for songs and instruments. Béatrice Ardisson knew how to embrace the many splendors offered by nature to create the musical universe of the Spa Royal Mansour.
Through this soundtrack, she invites us to let go, to stimulate our positive emotions and to clear our minds. Don’t we say that music soothes the soul?