1 June 2020

The playlist of the italian joy of living by Béatrice Ardisson

Since the beginning of the quarantine, music has taken a new place especially in Italy. Music has become a powerful tool to convey messages of support, courage and joie de vivre with a daily meeting on the balconies in the main Italian cities hardest- hit by the virus.
At SESAMO, the newborn at Royal Mansour Marrakech, Béatrice Ardisson has created a vibrant, joyful and appealing playlist, combining the best of the Italian music.
Here is an overview, it could cheer us up in the morning, accompany us in the kitchen, brighten up our aperitifs, make us want to dance in the evening after dinner or simply warms our hearts.


Through this playlist, Béatrice Ardisson has chosen to take us on a journey through a variety of musical styles, from traditional to more contemporary, including classical Italian music.

Until we welcome you back at SESAMO, we invite you on a journey to the heart of Italy through this soundtrack.