17 May 2020

Gardening tips from Luis Vallejo, international landscape designer

Inside the battlements of Marrakech, in the western part of the medina, stands Royal Mansour Marrakech. Luis Vallejo, who devised every shape, colour and scent of the Marrakchi Palace’s gardens, drew inspiration from the tradition of the Arab-Andalusian style as a source of spiritual nourishment. His work extends beyond the garden, taking in landscape, architecture, urbanism and environment.


With over 30 years’ experience leading national and international garden landscaping and design projects, Luis Vallejo is an expert in this field and is delighted to share with you useful tips to take care of your green spaces:

  • Remove all weeds, as they compete with the other plants you’d like to grow. This should be done on a regular basis.
  • Maintain the growth of plants with fertilisers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is also a good idea to use fertilisers with a high content of organic matter that improve the soil conditions.
  • For pot plants ensure a draining layer (gravel or similar) is installed at the base to allow correct drainage and to avoid damage to the plants caused by prolonged water-logging.
  • The plants need an adequate supply of water for their development. If the plants feel dry, water should be provided for hydration. Wilted leaves can be a sign of either excess water or lack thereof, so feeling the plants is the best way to tell the difference.
  • Spring is a great time for adding new plants to a garden – to generate intense flowering- or to plant food products for your own consumption. The type and quantity of plants should be carefully chosen according to the location, space and sunshine that you have on your terrace or garden, and they should be plants that are adapted to your country’s climate.
By nurturing your gardens, you heal your mind, body and spirit! Luis Vallejo