Siham Bennis

Siham Bennis:nutritionist in Marrakech

A doctor in General Medicine driven by a passion for global and preventive health, Siham Bennis naturally works as a nutritionist. Her keen interest in the links between food and health has led her to specialise in several areas. She now has extensive knowledge in diabetology, dietetics, micro-nutrition, NLP, sports medicine, and behavioural and cognitive therapy. At a time when unhealthy eating habits are more and more tempting, this dietician will put you back on track towards a balanced diet that promotes a weight balance and full health.

Nutrition consultations for all your needs

Siham Bennis will help you kickstart your health journey. Would you like to eat better, reach your ideal weight, prevent symptoms, or follow an effective nutrition plan? The nutritionist will guide you towards your goals through a caring and educational approach.

Nutritional management

The health professional first examines your metabolic profile and your preferences to draw up a personalised diet plan integrating healthy, varied, practical and gourmet menus.

Nutritional workshop

Aimed at food rebalancing and weight loss, these private nutritional cooking workshops help you define new daily eating habits.

Oligocheck assessment with Oligoscan

Minerals, trace elements, oxidative stress, and heavy metals… This check-up reveals the deficiencies, excesses and intoxications that can cause various imbalances in the body.

Blood test for deficiency detection

Detect and correct nutritional deficiencies at the root of many functional disorders (chronic fatigue, repeated infections, joint pain, etc.).

Consultations for wellness programmes

These treatments, reserved for clients receiving wellness cures offered by the Spa Royal Mansour, combine a complete nutritional evaluation with personalised dietary programmes.