Morad Bilani

Morad Bilani:fitness coach

Passionate about sport since childhood, Morad does not just guide you in your physical exercises but also encourages you to adopt a lifestyle that aims to sustainably optimise your health. His in-depth knowledge of nutrition, biomechanics and well-being is the result of a long career in the Kingdom’s most prestigious sports clubs. The sports coach at Spa Royal Mansour is a master in several disciplines including body building, aerobics, hip hop, and fitness.

Sports coaching sessions adapted to your needs

At the Spa Royal Mansour, there are a variety of training courses specially tailored to your interests. Whether you wish to gain flexibility or a flat stomach, adopt new sporting habits or maintain your physical condition, the fitness coach will provide you with a personalised programme to achieve your goals.

Muscle strengthening

Whether it is through mat Pilates, soft gymnastics, TRX or aquagym, you will benefit from a complete range of activities that will help tone your muscles and promote weight loss.

Cardio class

Boost your cardiovascular fitness and burn calories during an intensive aquadynamics session, a jogging class, or a Fat Burner class.


How about a HIIT, Tabata, Cross Training, Bootcamp or Total Body Conditioning class? There is no better way to achieve your goals than by regularly maintaining your efforts over time.


These classes, guided or assisted, combine fluid and elastic movements to work on flexibility, stretch the muscles and release tensions linked to bad posture.

Pilates machines

Pilates machines are your best allies for slimming your figure, realigning your body and deeply strengthening your muscles.


Coordination, agility, speed, and resistance training… Whether you are new to boxing or experienced in the practice of self-defence, Mouad Benchanna pushes your limits.

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